March 29, 2019

Today’s Best Ideas, In Your Inbox Tomorrow

Why transcribe what you can describe?

Don’t let another business meeting become confined to a filing cabinet, or forgotten entirely. After your meeting, record up to 10 minutes of audio and our team of professional writers will condense those discussions into a useful summary. The completed document will then shortly appear in your inbox.

Whether you’re running a business, planning a novel, or even trying to become more organized, we’ll help you break down mammoth ideas into actionable chunks.

Why Choose Us?

Save Time – You’ll no longer have to spend time thumbing through pages-upon-pages of transcribed dialogue to find the information you need. What was once thousands of words can now be whittled down to a few bullet points.

More Engaged Meetings – “Hold on a minute, what was that last part?” – Taking minutes slows down meetings and kills good ideas before they’ve reached fruition. With CondenseIt you can keep the conversation going without pauses.

Perfect for Creative Minds – Does writing down your ideas ruin your creative flow? Our service means you’ll be able to talk aloud and let the ideas develop as you go. We’ll send you back the ideas you decide to go with and remove the ones you don’t.

How it Works

Record your audio of up to 10 minutes in length and send us the file. We’ll assign it to a highly-qualified writer, who will in-turn create a straight-to-the-point document for you and attach it to an email. We don’t just transcribe word-for-word what you’ve told us; we’ll turn it into a business-grade document, ready to present to other professionals with clear, concise points.

Try it Out

Upload an audio file and our team will create the perfect summary.